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Motivation is good but Drive is great!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Having the chance to coach hundreds of athletes across the world, I have often tried to use ways to motivate individuals to get the trainings done, especially when they struggle to put on their running shoes.

After several years working with various runners and constantly trying to improve my services by putting in the hard work on a daily basis, I came to realization that motivation was a bit of a false friends, what actually got my athletes and myself real results is what I call "Drive".

My story illustrates what I mean:

In 2017, I decided to quit my banking job and left the city of Vancouver, Canada to move to Shanghai and promote my passion for running and coaching.

I knew almost no one in Shanghai, had only 2 suitcases and a big dream : Help the local running communities run better and healthier.

Last Run with my Vancouver Running Community

4 years later, my brand RunForce has grown tremendously, we have an official account, have helped hundred of runners around the world and accomplished things that were unimaginable when I landed in Shanghai.

I Love my Job & My Community

People have asked me what motivates me to work so hard while managing an athletic lifestyle and multiple businesses.

My response is the following:

“Motivation is good, but "Drive" is what really allows me to achieve my big goals."

Let me explain the difference.

Motivation is something purely emotional, it takes into account your feelings, its purpose is to get the fire within you alive in order to achieve something challenging to do at that specific moment. We constantly look for motivation to change a negative feeling into a positive feeling.

Example of motivation:

“Although it’s tough, I am motivated to run today because:

- The weather is great!”

- I will accomplish my weekly goal!”

- I am going to explore some new running routes!”

- I will see that person within the running group that I really like!”

Moving Forward!

Don’t get me wrong, I love motivation, it’s a great tool, I try to motivate my athletes all the time and it does provide some great results. Motivation can make someone overcome mountains!

For our big goals, such as having a successful life in a new country, becoming a sub 3h marathon runner, starting your own business or buying your dream house, those big goals, will take a lot more than just motivation. Why? Because motivation dwindles, motivation can be linked to your moods, to your surroundings, to external factors, to many things you do not have any control over.

“I am not motivated to run today because:

- The weather is terrible..”

- It’s the beginning of the week and I have ran nothing yet….”

- I am going to run the same old route….”

- My running date quit on me…”

All these motivators disappeared with factors you sometimes don't have control over.

Some days just suck....

However to achieve a long term significant life changing goal, you must be a strong locomotive that keeps moving, regardless of the storms, regardless of the critics, regardless of your moods or fears, nothing must stop you! External factors must bounce off you just like bullets bounce off a tank!

The power of finding your “DRIVE”

In 2017, when I decided to move to China, a country that I had only visited once as a tourist, I started to feel extreme anxiety about this massive life change.

Did I really want to restart an entire new life? Have to make new friends, sale my home, my car, change diet, go through so much paperwork? There were so many difficult and stressful obstacles to go through that had to be thought of.

I was so anxious, that every morning when I woke up, I would look at my ceiling and feel the weight of the world on my chest.

But thankfully I had my "Drive", I had something that kicked me out of bed, that got me to stand in line for hours at various administration office, that got me to contact lawyers and notaries to get all the paperwork done, to sell my beloved car. My "Drive" got me the energy to say goodbye to my country and to my friends, it got me on the plane and got me to push hard to start my China entrepreneurial adventure.

What is my "Drive"? It is my vision, a blurry one but a strong one. I want to accomplish my dream which is to be a successful international running coach. It doesn’t have to be very specific, no real numbers, it’s not a “SMART goal”. My "Drive" is a feeling, a feeling of happiness and pride.

Finding your "Drive" is a tough task, but this is what will make you feel alive and perhaps accomplish the most important thing in your life. It is something bigger than you, something scary and yet very exciting. It could be your reason on this earth!

Why is "Drive" so powerful? Because when you have to do something that brings you closer to your vision, whether you are motivated or not, you are still going to achieve it.

Your Drive brings you towards your goals.

Your "Drive" makes you approach difficult and complicated tasks as habits, you don’t think about having to do them, because just like any of your habits, you get them done as they were part of your daily routine.

The comfortable feeling of procrastination covering the need to run or work will be swiped away by your "Drive". Your vision is so powerful, that no feelings can hold you down. No excuses can make you stop what needs to be done today, because the sooner you do the work the sooner you get to that vision you set for yourself.

Recently I have had a new strong "Drive". Having lost some personal running performance this year due to the lockdowns in Shanghai, I decided to become the best runner I could ever be.

My vision is for me to be a healthy and fast runner that has the freedom to run anywhere at my best pace, from the trails of my French Alps where I plan to run this summer to the warm streets of Shanghai, I want to run fast again and feel free.

Can't wait to fly again!

This vision drove me last week to run in loops for hours in my locked-down compound until I hit the 100K weekly mark. It was tough, it was not motivating, it was boring but the results that I get from this training drives me closer every day towards my vision. I don’t think about having to run or not, I just do it because that’s my daily habit when I have my "Drive".

16.69km lockdown running...Focused on my vision.

Take the time to find your "Drive", do not be shy to have a crazy vision for yourself.

Why? Because if your "Drive" is true to who you are, then nothing shall stop you from achieving your goal whether motivated or not, you will always get the job done until you achieve your personal success.

Taking the time to focus on your vision...

Thank you for reading! Check out our new website for more info about our coaching services ->

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